Lorna Jane has improved your visibility of your account through the new wholesale portal. The My Account section gives you the ability to view outstanding orders, orders just placed and pay for your invoices online. This gives you the opportunity to order quickly and have the goods picked, packed and dispatched in a much more timely manner. 


All orders must be placed online through the www.wholesale.lornajane.com for your order to be confirmed. Whilst the company takes all measures to ensure that you receive 100% of your order, there may be times due to stock discrepancies that your order may not be fulfilled. In the event that you have paid for your order, and your order cannot be fulfilled, the company will apply a credit to your account.


All individual orders placed will be automatically picked and packed and you will be charged shipping per order. Be mindful of the quantity in your order to minimise shipping costs. You cannot place orders over a period of time with the anticipation of keeping the carton open. Globally the business works with third party logistics centres and our systems are integrated. Lorna Jane cannot control or offer an open box ordering system.


If you wish to change an order after you have placed it, you will be required to contact your Account Representative within 24 hours of placement. If the order has been picked and packed, the change to order will incur a 2% fee. This fee will be incurred on any change to the order including but not limited to removal or adding of product, changing of delivery location, splitting of orders. This fee cannot be waivered.


Any payments outside of agreed terms will incur fees. If you pay within your payment term period, no fee’s will apply to your account. If you lapse your payment term, and pay beyond the term period you will incur a 5% Fee of the total balance outstanding + on charged the holding fee for storage which is passed onto by third party logistics centre. This fee is to cover the cost of keeping your order within our facility, this fee will not be waived.


For all cancelled orders post placing the through our online portal, or other means, a 10% of invoice value or $1000USD (whichever is the greater) cancellation fee will apply automatically to your account.


Failure to comply with Lorna Jane terms could mean that your account is suspended, if not terminated.