Active Living Philosophy



The Active Living philosophy is how Lorna lives her life; by moving, nourishing and believing everyday - a practice that has evolved into a global movement. Active Living makes being fit and healthy simple because it breaks it down in to a daily practice that anyone can fit into his or her busy life -it's ultimately a change in mindset.


By moving your body everyday, giving your body the nutrients it needs to think and perform at it's best and going forward in life with a positive mindset you will discover an abundance of energy and mindfulness, which is vital for long-term wellbeing and improved mental health. We can choose to do anything, but not everything in life - that's why it's important to know your priorities.


Every now and then, pause to ask yourself, "What really matters to me?" and "Am I spending my precious time on the things that really matter - the things I value the most? Or I am living someone else's dreams and priorities?" We all have the ability to achieve great things with our lives and it all starts with being fit, healthy and positive. Sometimes we can lose motivation or want to throw in the towel.But the most important action we can take is to get back up again and keep on going.


You simply have to wake each morning with the intention to Move Nourish and Believe - it could just be to MOVE a little more than yesterday, by running 4km instead of 3km. NOURISH could be adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet.


BELIEVE may be something as simple as choosing a more positive outlook, or as big as quitting your day job and following your dreams. By recognising the importance of the three pillars in the practise of MNB and focusing on them daily, you'll start to live not only a more active life but you'll start to achieve more of the things you want for yourself and create a more positive future. is the home of Active Living, Think of it as your morning multi-vitamin, your three-thirty pick me up, or your daily catch-up with your fitness-focused friend. Bookmark it on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Why? Because every day at, we hope to encourage and inspire women all over the world, just like you, to build Active Living into your day and ultimately keep you on course to achieving your dreams.


Move Nourish Believe aims to feed your mind and spirit with new learning and exciting experiences to keep your blood pumping and inspiration flowing. It encourages you to create an amazing life for yourself by making every second of every day truly count!